Bucket of bits

Yesterday the mother of my friend Christian delivered a 
bucket of bits to my doorstep. 
I have won a bidding and bought it in my former hometown.
The bucket was a real bargain and cost me only 2,5 Euros!
A lot of nice stuff and I got a lot of inspiration when
I unpacked it. Firstly I will use some of the bits to my
evil-tribe in the pirate-skirmish that I am planning
in the future. I got a lot of things to use if I will build
a "sacrifice-place" for example  pile of skulls in various
shapes, mummys, seperate skulls etc.
I also got some complete figures made of tin and I
was especially fond of the skeleton.
Next thing will be to organize this pile of bits. :)


Black Cadillac

Yesterday I went for a recon in my local second hand shop
on my way home and I found a real nice car-model.
It was a Cadillac coup de ville 1976 in the scale 1:43.
Eventhough it isn´t the exact right scale I couldn´t help
buying it. It was in real good condition and probably a
collect car and not a toy. For 6 Euros I am quite pleased
with the buy. I will use it primarily for my post apocalyptic
game and maybe add a rough looking coupe with a roof
 that can be removed when not used. The coupe will also

be fitted with some kind of weapon-system or turret for
gaming in Car wars.


My original FoW-collection

My recent reports has been about my new buy
of russian tanks and infantry to Flames of war
but this project has started much earlier than this.
I bought a Strelkovy battalion in 2013 and some
extras but all has been laying on the shelf inactive
for a long time. The reason has mainly been that
is a lot painting and basing to do.
In my "old" collection I have this:
1 KV-1
1 T-34/85
1 IS-2
3 BM-13 Katyusha (rocket launcher)
3 Zis-5 (truck)
3 IL-3 Sturmovik

1 Heavy mortar unit
1 Mortar company
1 Tank-rider unit (for 10 tanks)

In 2015 I decided to start building a counterforce
to play games on the Manchurian-front between
the russians and the imperial japanese army.
I bought :

1 Hohei chutai (company with 108 figures)
1 Nikihaku teams (pioneer-units)

I must say that I know to little about this front and
need to study the history to know what to buy for 
my japanese counter-force.
The scenery will be very interessting and rocky and
fun to play.
On my first picture below you can see that I have been 
working on how to storage my growing collection
to Flames of war and on the right my oldest daughter
follow my project very closely. :)

A lot of russian-reinforcements

When buying all those 15mm russian tanks I also
needed some boots on the ground so I decided to
add some infantry.
For only 50 Euros I got all the miniatures on the
pictures and some of them are also painted and
ready for the gaming table.
Mainly strelkovy(riflemen) but also gun-units and
mortar service.
Also some nice specialists,MG-units and officers
were a part of this collection. 

To complete my range of vehicles I also bought
some antitank-guns(SU453) and extra T-34/85 turrets
for my 10 T34-tanks. Very nice find indeed.

Now I only need some time for basing and painting. :)


Russian 15mm En masse

Last week I one of my fellow players at the local
gaming club decided to decimate his collection
of 15mm figures and models to Flames of war.
He wanted to sell all his WW2-russians and it
was a quite nice collection of both painted
and unpainted items.
He sold me all his vehicles for 50 Euros and
his extras (read next report) for another 50.
The price is quite a bargain because it is
almost complete and most of the vehicles are
already painted and ready for the gaming table.
I bought it all because I had plans to start playing
Flames of war already in 2013 but until now
this project has been saving dust and if you
want to play the russians you need a lot of
figures and models and they all must be nicely
painted to for a extra nice gaming experience. :)
Why I choose the russians? I have been reading
history for a long time and I like the russian
army and how they transformed from a pitiful
army in 1941 to a formidable and also very
effective warmachine. Reading about especially
the russian tank-evolution is interessting and
also fun to play in Flames of war.

To summarize my buy I got this:
A lot of tanks: small, medium and heavy
Medium and heavy artillery (guns)
light, medium and heavy mortarunits
Katyusha rocketlaunchers
Transport both wheeled and tracked
Armoured trucks
Antitank-rifle units
Heavy machine-gun units

I have taken some pictures below to see what I have bought.
The picture on the very end show the soldiers and accessories that
I will write about in my next report in detail.