Intense battle between the germans and the brits

Last weekend I met a new player named Andreas. Over a cup of tea we
battled on the gaming table.:) The points were set to 30 points each and
the game was very intense and bloody.

I(the germans) were positioned in the ruins and behind some small hills and sheds made of concrete and roof of corrugated steel.
The brits advanced behind som hills and rocks and had the best shelter in
my opinion.

The first round was bloody when the brits wiped out four of my men with a rocket from a piat on a hilltop.
Little time to waste I advanced behind my shelters. On the second round Andreas decided to alter the terrain and blew the sheds to pieces. I continued my advance and started fire on his center from my soldiers hiding in the ruins.
The germans did little damage and on round three the brits felt confident on a easy victory and the men started attacking in the open. One of my panzerfausts and a machinegunner, both in shelter in the ruins, gunned down five of the "hard chaps".

The brits were furious and started a fire in the woods near the ruins and burning the germans advancing in it.
Three germans were annihilated and the remaining two crawled back to the ruins. The second german front started firing on the British steel armoured squad and wiped out three of them.
This was the last round and I won with one point because of my heavy fire and that I also managed to knock out one of the highest british officers in this clash. A very nice game and lots of fun action. Thankyou Andreas. A rematch is welcome anytime. :)

The "Jerrys" setup:
Command squad 5p(1 staff sergeant, 1 leutnant, 3 soldiers,rifles ) 5 p

3 squads : 27 p

1 officer (pistol)
1 unter-officer
1 panzerfausts
1 LMG-squad
5 riflemen

The english "hard chaps" setup:

Body armour 3p
Rifle platoon command 4p

Rifle squad 6p
3 Piat-D
Engineer team (4+2) 6p
2 Flamers 2p
Bazooka team (2p)
Bazooka team (2p)

British steel armoured squad
Piat-D 1p
(6+1) 7p

6 kommentarer:

  1. Good to see those Germans in use, their in a better place now then with their previous owner.. :)

    1. Yes indeed Jonas! Painted by the master in the dark woods of smaland. :)

  2. A victory closely fought game is a;ways satisfying.

    1. Yes it is Joe! But the social part is also a great deal in a game.Andreas is a good sport/player and we laughed a lot together during the activities.

  3. Nice looking game, a beautiful table!

    1. Thankyou for the comment Phil. :) The table was nice but I think that it was unbalanced and gave the brits a too good cover. I did win eventhough this disadvantage. :)